Achievements & Badges

This is a list of the goals you should be striving for and the order you should accomplish them.


Website Completed

You have completed your first website. You chose your domain name, requested it to be set up and it is now live on the internet. All you need to do now is to start adding content!


Facebook Page

Set up your first Facebook Page to earn this achievement.


First 10 Posts

You have posted your first 10 articles on your website and have shared each of them on Facebook.


First Facebook Like Ad

You have successfully created a Facebook Like Ad sending traffic to your Facebook Page.


2 Posts a Day

Make 2 Posts a Day for 3 Days to earn this achievement.


3 Posts a Day

Make 3 Posts a Day for 3 Days to earn this achievement.


500 Fans

Get your first 500 fans on Facebook.


Completed Bootcamp Training

You have completed the initial “Bootcamp” training to create a website, Facebook page and how to successfully create Facebook ads.


4+ Posts a Day

You have successfully posted between 4 and 8 articles per day for at least 4 consecutive days. Each article should be shared on Facebook.


250 Website Visitors

You have now had a TOTAL of 250 website visitors to your website since you created it.


10 Cent Facebook Fans

Achieve Facebook Fans For Under $.10. This means that your Like ad shows less than $.10 per like. (Always let your ads run a minimum of 24 hours before you consider them a failure)


1,000 Fans

Get 1,000 Facebook fans to like your page.


100 Visitors a Day

Get 100 visitors to your website three days in a row. (You will need Google Analytics installed to know when this occurs)


10 Shares On One Post

Get your first 10 shares from your fans on one post you put on your Facebook page.

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