Profit Platform – Niche Influencers with Robert Stukes

How to Get Traffic from Niche Influencers with Robert Stukes

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0:46 Do platforms like Facebook appreciate the potential cross-promotion?

2:20 In the recorded interview do you make sure to get their social links out to the audience?

3:00 Is it a good idea to give the celebrity some exposure even before contacting them? A blog article or Facebook post you can point to when asking to set up the interview, so that you’re giving them something of value to start with.

6:29 What other things can you give the  celebrity candidate to help convince them to help you.

8:00 Once you’ve done some interviews is it worth showing them other interviews you have done?

11:00 Do you publish video to YouTube before Facebook because YouTube performs better?

11:39 Have you tested livestreaming an interview with a celebrity who is particularly good in a previous interview? Is the risk of setup glitches worth potential rewards?


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